There’s Nothing Basic about Basics...

 …goes the old adage. Not really, I made it up.

But it is certainly true when it comes to these basics. Merz b. Schwanen were one of the first ever brands on the roster at Pickings & Parry and as a result eschew much of the ethos of both shops.

They are an embodiment of slow fashion, insofar as it takes so much longer to make these garments on the near century old circular knitting machines than their more modern cousins. The result is cotton held with little to no tension, producing a denser, softer, more luxurious weave.

They fulfill a gap which people yearn for, good quality garments that feel great, last the distance and are made with love by people paid fairly to do so.

Merz b Schwanen Factory

They are also a great equaliser. In a shop where some might not feel daring enough to wear a loud shirt or a voluminous trouser, (note: we do provide others…many others!) a beautifully made t-shirt can be worn and cherished by all without subscribing to any trend or fashion at all., merely the want for something good against your skin.

Merz b Schwanen Circular Knitting Machines 

With that in mind, an item sometimes tried on is the long sleeved Henley,  (206) with feedback being, ‘it looks better on the hanger than it does on me!’.

In answer to those people Merz have provided the new 204 Henley, much more relaxed in the body and with a less open neck, for those of us – and I include myself in this – that are not blessed with a depression-era frame.

The detail that goes into the neckline and cuffs of these are not basic at all and far more complicated than more seemingly complex garments.

Merz b Schwanen Knitted Cuff 

In addition to these we have sweats in the lovely seasonal colour of sage, to match all that baking you’re doing at home right now, we have a matching Henley, also in sage. We have striped tees, ringer neck sports tees, heavyweight sweats for the Autumn temperature plunge. We have socks of all descriptions, retro sports socks, bamboo socks, recycled cotton socks, recycled woolen socks and not to mention the knitwear which we’ll be releasing next week.

In a time when we might be spending more time at home, this might be the first chance you’ve had to choose exactly what you wear on a daily basis, free from the constraints of a uniform or office-imposed guidelines. You might want to ‘dress up’ every day or you might opt for something more relaxed after years of suffrage…more on this concept next time folks!

Merz b Schwanen 3S48 Sweatshirt

You might just want a bloody nice basic full of sumptuous, detail that only you know, as it’s next to your skin.

Be tactile, but only with your souls and minds; not your fingers. Stay safe.

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