Here at H&H we LOVE a good sock! There is a simple satisfaction of both a sensory and aesthetic nature that comes with wearing great socks. Unfortunately no matter how high quality your sock may be there is almost no way to prevent holes and wearing over time. There is, however, an easy, visually pleasing, and extremely fun means of repairing your favourite socks and I'm just going to leave this here to act as more of a step by step encouragement rather than a guide. Enjoy, and happy darning!

1 - Identify the hole in your sock, turn the sock inside-out and then administer the egg*

2 - Establish the area which needs to be repaired, and snip off any protruding material and thread.

3 - Using a running stitch begin to weave your needle from the outermost point of the affected area in a straight line until you reach the other end of the affected area. Pull your thread through with care to leave a small amount of thread at the opening, as you should not knot the thread.

4 - Now continue the running stitch in the opposite direction, directly parallel to your first line of stitches.

5 - Continue this process until you have covered the entire affected area and snip the thread 

6 - Turn your work 90 degrees.

7 - You will now begin this process again, running your new stitches perpendicular to your initial stitches, essentially creating a basket weave across the affected area.

8 - Eject the egg, return the sock to its original state and bask in the glory of your handy work.

*by egg I am of course referring to a darning egg, but if you do not (for some absurd reason) have one handy, any rotund, smooth item that is big enough to fit into your sock and expand the hole, will work.