Alterations with PPHH Store

Quality clothing should fit correctly, or at least the way the wearer wants it to fit. We are all different heights, shapes and sizes and, whilst not everything is possible, sometimes we can help adjust a garment to better suit your needs.

Most importantly for our denim customers, we offer a chain stitch hemming service using our original Union Special 43200G machine. This iconic machine was sourced from Kentucky in the USA and is one of only a handful in Australia.

The 43200G machine was used to stitch the factory hems on almost all denim and workwear Made in the US from the late 1930's to the 1970's when faster mass production techniques came in to widespread use.

Known for its distinctive chain stitch pattern, the machine twists the fabric slightly as it is pulled through the feeder and, after many wears and a few washes, a familiar roping effect appears at the hem. This 'roping' is highly regarded by denim lovers as an authentic detail.

Not everything needs a chain stitch though, and there is a lot more to clothing than just denim. We also outsource straight stitch length alterations and other more complex tailoring to our trusted partners in Melbourne with the usual turn around being 7 days for most minor work.

custom alterations

chain stitched hem

A standard method that is visible and uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior.

Bought in store


Not boughtin store

$35 AUD

Standard Straight Stitch

A blind stitch is hidden/nearly invisible stitching for a neat look, but it cannot be used on Jeans or thick materials.

Bought in store


Not boughtin store

$30 AUD

Stitched in cuff

A standard method that is visible and uses single stitching on both the interior and exterior.

Boughtin store

$30 AUD

Not bought in store

$50 AUD

Measuring your garment

To measure the inseam, we recommend using a pair of pants that are a similar style and cut to the pants you are purchasing that fit you well. Lay the pants flat on the ground and ensure there are no creases or wrinkles. Using a soft tape measure, measure from the centre of the crotch along the inside leg of your pants to the desired hem length. Make sure to follow the seam line for a more accurate fit.

Alterations F.A.Q.

Which items can be altered by PPHH Store?

Currently we can only chain stitch hem denim and heavier fabrics on our Union Special Machine in-store. However we have an experienced tailor and a seperate denim repairer / tailor who pick up and drop off other work weekly for our customers.

custom alterations

Which stitch should I choose?

For most denim we recommend a chain stitch, which will give you an authentic roped hem for the life our your jeans. However, earlier styles of pre-war denim were not chain stitched, so for these we would advise a single stitch. For all other trousers of various fabrics, it really depends on the look and fabric weight, so get in touch if you need advice.

What is the Returns Policy for altered items?

Items bought in store and altered for you are not returnable or refundable unless there is some fault with the alteration outside of your request. However, please be aware that we have a tolerance of 1cm for denim alterations as different denim weights and weaves can behave differently during folding.

Can I send items to you to be altered or repaired?

Of course, if you live interstate or overseas you can post your items to us for alterations or repair. Please include full instructions and a pre-paid return satchel with your items. If we do not receive a satchel we will add a freight charge onto the price of your alterations prior to returning them.

How long will it take for my items to be altered?

Our usual turnaround is 7 days plus any transit time for shipping back to you. However, jeans bought in store can often be hemmed within 24 hours if needed. In the case of more complex alterations and denim repairs, times can vary, so please contact us in advance if time is an issue for you.

Should I wash my items prior to alteration or repair?

All newly purchased denim should be washed or cold soaked prior to alteration and any shrinkage van affect the finished length. All older items in for repair should be laundered prior to submission for reasons of hygiene.

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