TA-CT - Quality & Timeless Linen Underwear

18 Apr 2024
TA-CT - Quality & Timeless Linen Underwear

18 Apr 2024 Why do we choose what we choose if we don't have some sort of connection to it? In the last couple of years, we have faced many new challenges in o...

Why do we choose what we choose if we don't have some sort of connection to it?

In the last couple of years, we have faced many new challenges in our current world. These challenges make us rediscover our perspective on the planet and the part we play within it. At PPHH, we have always strived to pay homage to a selection of purposeful choices that connect us to design and craftsmanship with longevity withheld in classical style.

TA-CT, our latest linen lingerie brand, invites us to explore the same notion of consensus consumerism. TA-CT was born from a desire to design underwear that connects us to our senses and nature. With a minimalist and timeless style, their collections use organic colours inspired by natural tones to showcase the beauty of our bodies and help us feel good about ourselves.


TA-CT believes every detail counts when creating the best quality product, so they use European linen jerseys certified by MASTERS OF LINEN®. This material is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and thermoregulatory, making it perfect for wearing next to the skin. They have chosen to take pride in their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, so they only use flax cultivation based on crop rotation that requires no irrigation or fertiliser, resulting in zero waste. Moreover, all the design and manufacturing processes occur in Europe, this ensures that supply lines are short, contributing to a lighter carbon footprint. Their approach to producing items in-house is slow and deliberate, allowing them to achieve excellence in pattern-cutting and fit while minimising waste and reducing their environmental impact. TA-CT Understands that doing our part to protect the environment is crucial, and they're dedicated to using sustainable and ethical practices at every step of their production process. TA-CT’s unique and timeless style can be worn season after season, and it is produced in small quantities, consciously selecting materials to conserve natural resources. In summary, TA-CT is the perfect choice for those who want to make a difference while staying stylish.


Although TA-CT has made a conscious decision on its environmental production, I don't want to emphasise 'sustainable' too much. That might be a given within production values in modern society,  but it has allowed us to explore what we want to connect to when choosing things in our lives. I'm not saying that every decision in life needs deep mythical thoughts (that would be a ludicrous assumption that the everyday person has that much time on their hands). But why not allow yourself the space to decide what you wish to consume and include in your life?. Consider starting with the art of dressing by valuing quality garments with durable designs. These items should be worthy of becoming a lifelong part of your wardrobe. From the first item you put on to the final jacket as you step out, let every choice be a decision you appreciate and love.

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