Filson Bags & Luggage - Built to Last

A good bag is like a good pair of boots or a good leather jacket, it is something that will travel with you as you go through life and it's many adventures. In the case of bags, travel is what they're made for. Whether it's to and from work, heading to the gym or half way around the world, they need to be tough, practical and fit for purpose.

Seattle's CC Filson are famous for their stubborn commitment to quality and their bags are probably the most well known example of this. They started out specifically to cater for the rugged prospectors heading North to find their fortunes in the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, so the products they manufactured had to be built to withstand some extreme usage.

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Supply companies servicing demand for the Klondike Gold Rush

Still based in Seattle today, Filson are still making things for the outdoors and they're still made to last the distance. The harsh conditions of the North American wilderness haven't changed much, and neither have the folks at Filson. 

So, what makes their bags so good? Well, it's the materials that make the difference, and the construction helps, too. Built predominantly with 22oz drill cotton cloth, they are extremely strong and durable, and they can even be waxed to protect the fabric further and help resist rain. The zips and hardware are all solid brass, so there's no risk of surface plating coming off, and there's no corrosion. The straps, handles and harness points are all made using strong bridle leather, which lasts well can withstand a rather heavy load. All in all, they don't cut corners.

A well used Filson Duffle Bag

A well used Filson Duffle Bag

Being so well made and with natural materials, they also tend to get better with age. I purchased my first Filson bag 9 years ago now and have used it at least 3-4 times a week ever since. It never lets me down and looks better than it did when new. It's been around the world, through many a rainstorm on the back of a motorcycle and has had it's fair share of knocks along the way. Since then I've added another two bags to the collection and I think there'll be one more to come.

We've just added the very popular medium duffle to our site, and we try to keep a few in store at all times, so if you've never seen one, or you're in the market for a bag that will take a beating, pop in and see us; you'll be ready for your next adventure!

Filson Duffles in Use