Anonymous Ism - Specialist Craft Knitted Socks from Japan

Years ago before I had ever been to Japan, a friend who had recently returned told me, amongst the gargantuan amount of things to do whilst there, was to buy some Japanese socks…’You will never buy any other socks’, he told me.

He was not wrong…in design and weight and durability they can’t be surpassed.

The major brand now in my arsenal is Anonymous Ism.

Japanese Socks

Anonymous Ism Socks AW17 in the P&P Window

Slightly reclusive Designer Hirotsugu Yoshimura hails from Nara, home of many sock-making factories. The brand has a stated goal of being not just a company but a team that can help everyone find true happiness and so the name Anonymous Ism seems to fit perfectly well.

In the age old Japanese notion of doing one thing incredibly well, Hirotsugu and team create a collection of timeless, seasonal socks that are equally matched to be worn anywhere and everywhere, whether it be jeans or slacks, suits or boots, they really do go with everything. And in line with the normal remit of Pickings & Parry, they last the distance!

The now famous Anonymous Ism standard - The Patchwork in Khaki

Inspired by work wear, vintage, marine & military clothing, they are normally cotton and woolen blends, though for AW17we have some of their limited edition hemp versions, too!  In addition we have the ever popular patch work socks, their now well-coveted indigo-dyed socks and a whole heap of others.

The Indigo dyed cable knit sock by Anonymous Ism

Like a few designers, he couldn’t see the very thing he wanted to wear on his feet in the shops, and so took the plunge and set up a company to fill that gap - Anonymous Ism was the result and we're happy with it.

Woven on vintage machines, assembled in the 1970’s, that can make no more than 50 pairs a day depending on the technicality of knit, they are by no means mass produced. Like most of Japan's output, quality and integrity are paramount, which fits perfectly with our principles as a store, so... what are you waiting for? Get some Anonymous Ism on your feet and put a smile on your face.

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