B R A N D S : Merz B. Schwanen

Here at H+H we love a good quality basic garment that will last you for years, both physically and style-wise, and that has a great story behind its make. Merz B. Schwanen ticks every one of these boxes.

“I was instantly fascinated by the triangular inserts under the arms and the intricate label with its lettering made with fine viscose thread. And on top of it all – no lateral seams.”
Peter Plotnicki and his wife Gina held a fascination for the garment making techniques of vintage clothing they would find at flea markets. After finding a henley style shirt labelled Merz B. Schwanen at a market in Berlin, Plotnicki did some research into its origins and found the company was started in 1911 by Balthazar Merz, but had closed due to globalisation just a few yers prior.

Feeling a connection to this tragic story, Plotnicki visited one of the last remaining textile manufacturers in Germany named Rudolf Loder, who proceeded to show Plotnicki his collection of authentic circular knitting machines from the 1920-60s, kept at his factory in Albstadt. These machines, while unused for many years, were still in perfect condition, and thus sparked an idea for Peter, Gina and Rudolf to begin working together using these machines to create garments that were of the same quality and using the same techniques as the original Merz B. Schwanens.

Circular Knitting machines in Albstadt.

Their idea and passion reached the ears of Balthazar Merz' family, who offered the trio the old brand name Merz B. Schwanen, 
“I was thrilled. Suddenly, we held more than a century of company history in our hands. We couldn’t have wished for better support and a more effective motivation”, says Plotnicki.

Thus began what we now know as one of the most reliable, well made and beautifully designed ranges of basic garments on the market!

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