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We have been sourcing and retailing premium quality clothing for 10 years now, and with obvious long term value in these items, we know they deserve to be used and it sometimes makes sense to move things on to a new home. Things that no longer fit you, or no longer suit your current style can be gold to another soul who appreciates them. So make room in your wardrobe and free up some money at the same time...


Submissions Re-Open 1st December 2023 Shop Secondhand


PPHH Store is here to relieve
you of the time and hassle
in selling your items privately.
We specialise in quality, authentic mens & women's clothing, footwear, accessories and lifestyle products designed and made to last.


Let us know what you would like to sell by completing the Submit items form. We will review your items and contact you with and estimate for the selling price.


If you are happy to proceed, you can send us your items by post to our warehouse, or simply drop them into the store on Gertrude St. if you're in the neighbourhood.


Our team photographs, measures and lists your item on our site. Once sold we ship the goods to the customer and also handle any returns. Once the returns period is over, we send payment to you by paypal or bank transfer. You can also choose store credit as option.

Consign F.A.Q.

Which brands can be sold with PPHH Consignment?

Any brand that fits our profile of well-made, well designed and classic in style will be considered. Aside from brands already on our roster, brands we look for include:

Mister Freedom, Orslow, Alden, Kapital, Iron Heart, Viberg, Warehouse, The Real McCoy's, Viberg, RRL, Margaret Howell, Studio Nicholson, Drake's, Dehen, Needles, Engineered Garments, Good Quality Vintage and more...

How much commission do you take from the sale of my item?

We take a fixed commission from the sale as our fee for listing, selling and fulfilling your items:

You will receive 65% of the selling price for Items $0 to $999 AUD
You will receive 75% of the selling price for Items $1000 and above

What happens if my item doesn't sell?

Sometimes items move quickly, but others don't sell for a year or more. We will contact you after 3 months if your item has not sold and suggest a price reduction. After 6 months we will do the same again and after 9 months you have the option to take back you item or eave it with us.

We may request that you take your items if we believe it no longer has a chance of selling for a reasonable price.

Can I send you items that are unwashed or with stains?

With the exception of some vintage items with desirable patina, stained items will not be accepted and we ask that you photograph all stains at the time of submission. All items must be sent to us clean and free of odour. A cleaning fee will be charged if any item requires cleaning prior to listing.

Can I advertise my items elsewhere privately whilst they are with PPHH?

We incur costs to process and list your items that are recouped from the commission when the item sells. Items will not be returned until 3 months have passed to give the item a chance to sell. We advise that you do not list your item elsewhere until it is returned to you.

When will I get paid after my items sells?

Our returns period is 14 days and used items are often returned from online orders. Once our returns period has passed, we will pay out the item. If you have multiple items listed and wish to wait for a bulk payment when more have sold, just let us know.

Why didn't you accept my item?

Whilst we understand that there is value in most used items, our consignment marketplace is curated to suit our audience and we select pieces that we know will work in the collection. Please don't be offended if your item(s) don't make the cut.

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