Weaving Shibusa - Japanese Denim at ACMI

Last week the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival began (VMAFF) to much fanfare and, whilst what we do is generally far removed from the realm of catwalk shows, it is still a very important part of the fashion world. In fact, you could argue that in terms of one particular fabric, it might just be the most important.

Since we opened our doors over three and half years ago, there have been three Melbourne fashion festivals. None have shown much recognition for the side of the industry based around manufacture, quality and heritage style...until now!

The amazing forward thinking folks at ACMI have done something very special this year as part of their VMAFF screenings; they're screening a film about Japanese Denim. Now, we'd be the first people to tell you that there is much more to style and menswear than denim; however, there is no denying that this fabric is supremely important. Not just in the history of clothing, but also for the future of it.

The very important and inspiring documentary Weaving Shibusa, directed by Devin Leisher, is focused on Japanese Denim and how it rose to become the most revered in the world. 

Weaving Shibusa, Official Trailer #1 from Weaving Shibusa on Vimeo.

From the post war origins of Japan's textile industry to the Osaka 5, the film touches on the manufacture, passion, ideas and individuals involved in making a fabric that has captured the hearts of so many people around the globe.

Amongst the experts and industry folks featured is our good friend Atsu from Stevenson Overall Co. Not only does he make some amazing and individual jeans; this man is a character to say the least. He's an avid vintage collector, knowledgable designer and expert on the details that go into making clothing 'like they used to'.

Weaving Shibusa at ACMI

There are two more screenings remaining for the festival, with the last screening on Saturday the 11th of March, so get in quick if you don't want to miss out on the most important Japanese Denim film produced to date.

Following the final screening there will also be a Japanese Denim panel discussion on Saturday evening featuring some of Melbourne's resident industry experts - they even have someone from P&P representing! This is something not be missed and will feature vintage machines, memorabilia and denim pieces as well as more short films and a Q&A session. Tickets are available now - click the image below for more!

We need to talk about Denim ACMI Tickets

Denim is important to us. Denim is important to the future growth of quality manufacturing around the world and to the history and future of style; it has influenced virtually everyone's lives in some way. A fabric born in France, popularised in the USA and perfected in Japan, it can be worn by everyone and becomes more individual to the owner with every wear and wash. Go and see this film!