The Next Step: Heffernan & Haire

It's been a while now that we've been bringing you our particular curation of quality goods; in fact, it's been about five years since our journey to this point began. Even though we have been, up to now, very much dedicated to menswear, there was always a plan developing in the background and that plan has just started going into action.

It seems that it's not only men who appreciate British and American Heritage style, well made work wear and military inspired clothing. We are constantly asked in store 'where is the women's section?' or 'when are you opening a women's store?' - The number of well dressed women, at least in Melbourne, generally far outweighs that of men, and within that number is a burgeoning community of conscious individuals looking for more than just fast fashion. 

Enter (drum roll please) Heffernan & Haire, forthcoming sister store to Pickings & Parry!

Nigel Cabourn Woman SS17

For those that don't know, our men's store name originates from the two families that came together in the 1970's and created the founder. The two P's seemed to work well and convey the idea of tradition, family and the importance of the past in the progress of the future. Heffernan & Haire, conveniently enough, has the same origin on the side of our founder's partner who, with eye for style and far superior femininity, will be creative director and buyer for the new store as it develops over the next little while.

Leno & Co.

H&H will follow the same principles of the classic, and present a similarly storied product selection in similarly beautiful space. Alongside shared brands such as Blue Blue Japan, Nigel Cabourn, Merz b Schwanen, PF Flyers, Tanner Goods and Bleu de Chauffe, we'll bring you some exciting additions such as W'Menswear and Leno & Co., amongst many others.


This month on Thursday the 30th of March, we will be presenting a very small capsule collection of Nigel Cabourn Woman SS17 items in store at Pickings & Parry, to give you a very small taste of things to come. Whilst the bricks and mortar store for H&H is still in the planning stages, we're beginning to build the collections and will tease you with imagery and goodness at our shindig on the 30th.

In the mean time check out the new Heffernan & Haire Instagram Page to gain more of an insight.