Sun Surf by Toyo Enterprises - Hawaiian Shirt Heaven

Who doesn’t love a Hawaiian shirt…? You don’t just have to be a large
American tourist or connoisseur of vintage Aloha shirts to pull them off.
Everyone from US presidents to lay folk like you and I can have the

Hawaiian Shirt

Now a summer mainstay at Pickings & Parry, Sun Surf Hawaiian shirts
are something we like to pull out as our ace card, once the sun starts to
shine on a more regular basis. Brought to you by Toyo Enterprises, the
company that produce Sugar Cane & Buzz Rickson, Sun Surf produce a
multitude of one off designs every year that are never reproduced again.
That, in combination with the fact they are made in small runs, ensures
you aren’t likely to see another fellow in your shirt. And if you do you
know he has excellent taste!

Hawaiian Shirt 2

All based on original Aloha Hawaiian shirts from the golden period of
1930-1950, they vary greatly in colour and style but mostly all use
original silk-screen printing on rayon that is as close to the rayon from
the time. The closest thing to silk without wearing a silk shirt!

President Harry Truman on the cover of LIFE Magazine

President Harry Truman on the cover of LIFE Magazine

President Kobayashi of Toyo Enterprise who owns Sun Surf has an
amazing collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts that are worth checking
out in the latest edition of Clutch magazine if you’re really geeky about
it. It is most definitely the reason why their shirts are not only the best
and most interesting but almost certainly the most varied and accurate
to the originals as they are so close to the source.

Hawaiian Shirt 3

In store now we have a beautiful limited edition rayon shirt based on a 1940 design
and a Pink Coconut Palm Tree shirt in cotton and Linen to keep you relaxed as the temperature rises...