Mad as a Hatter - Preserving an artform with Bonacapello

Bonacapello Workshop

If there's one thing we appreciate, it's high quality well made goods. If you know our store at all you'll know that this, along with elements of tradition and history, are what we're all about. So when our good friend Maxwell Finch got talking to an Australian guy in Tokyo, who makes custom hats with century old tools and processes, we were very interested to say the least.

Bespoke Headwear

Thom O'brien hails from Coolumn, on Australia's Sunshine Coast. But, over the last eight years or so, he's travelled to and from Tokyo so much that he now calls it home, setting up his hat making workshop in the city two years ago and making bespoke headwear for discerning individuals ever since - by appointment only.

Custom Hand Made Hats

Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday (7th, 8th and 9th of July 2016) we will welcome Thom to the P&P store for the first ever Bonacapello Melbourne Pop Up event. Bringing his measuring tools and skills, he will be showcasing his work, consulting and taking orders for custom hand made hats. The hats will subsequently be prepared to the agreed specifications at the Tokyo workshop and shipped to each customer individually.

Making HatsHat making has an incredibly long history. Since the very beginning of humanity, putting something on the head to protect from the elements was obviously a good idea and, whether for purposes of practicality or the purely sartorial, the hat is an essential and important item in any wardrobe. The chance to own a hat that is designed with your own influence, made by hand and to the specific measurements and contours of your own head, is one not to be missed. Make sure you join us at the store this week!

Bonacapello Hats