Lady White Co. - In Search of the Perfect T-Shirt

Are you looking for the perfect t-shirt? Well I think we might just have found it.

Everyone has their own needs when it comes to a tee but arguably fit and it staying the same shape has got to come top of the list. Decades of the vision of Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild One’ and ‘A streetcar named Desire” have chimed with many a man over the generations. And so the quest began…

At least it did for L.A. native Phillip Proyce. Like many a designer, he was looking for something he didn’t feel existed and so his mission was to create the perfect white t-shirt.  Ladywhite Co. is the result. After starting with white and expanding to a variety of seasonal colours, they have now incorporated more shapes and layers, with hoodies, polo shirts and sweatshirts bolstering the offering. However, the focus of American sportswear has never left their mind, both in aesthetic and production.

Phil Proyce and Taylor Carusso of Lady White Co.

Phil Proyce and Taylor Carusso of Lady White Co.

Every piece of theirs – with the exception of the socks made in Nagoya, Japan – is produced in Silver Lake, L.A. within a five mile radius of the Ladywhite Co. office.

That being, production, custom fabric design, dye house, etc, Having this close proximity allows them have better relationships with their factories and in turn allows them to be more hands on from start to finish. And it shows in the final product. The years spent refining the centimetres in pattern-making to determine the difference between a gem and a dud, the detail of the Brown’s Beach inspired pocket of the Clark Tee and in the innovation of new garments like the placket polo that fuses a long sleeve polo with an over shirt and the luxury feeling of the softest jersey ever. (A custom interlock fabric for the material nerds out there)


It is with great delight that we welcome Lady White Co. to the roster of brands, I couldn’t expound the virtues of their tees enough. But don’t take my word for it, take a peep at this article where 18  white t-shirts were put to the test and look who came out on top.