Our roster of brands is pretty full here at Pickings & Parry so something has to be pretty special in order for us to commit. Chris and Carlan’s trip to Europe came good last year when they came across this gem from Germany.

Heimat Textil are from Germany and make beautiful thick knitwear. I’m sure designer Christian Hofmann didn’t think he’d be selling knitwear to Australia but he probably hasn’t had to face a Melbourne winter…not quite as harsh as a Bavarian one but cold nonetheless! 

The shapes and patterns are all based on nautical, naval and military ones, constructed in responsibly sourced 100% virgin wool that is climate neutral and sustainable. Each product is hand finished, you can see this when you pick up the garment and look at the sleeves and cuffs.

The German language has a long tradition of words that embody a notion that has no direct translation but describe a feeling or reaction. Heimat is one such word.

 ‘Heimat is a German word which has no English translation,  it often describes the social belonging to an area that makes you feel at home.
The feeling of HEIMAT can be triggered by a certain scent, a moment of calm or your favourite piece of clothing.’

Other favourites include ‘Ohrwurm’ or earworm that describes that sometimes painful song or jingle that burrows itself inside your brain. Also,  ‘Fernweh’ or distance pain that describes the feeling of wanting to be anywhere else but where you are.

Finally there is my personal favourite,  ‘Gummerspeck’ or Grief Bacon. The piling on of pounds after a break up or other grief or trauma. Basically comfort eating. Unless you go the other way and lose loads of weight… though I’m sure they have a word for that too.

In regards to fit, Heimat knits should be snug when you first try them on and they will loosen slightly in time and mould to your body.  Try one on for size and create your own sense of Heimat… or Fernweh!