What is this spirit in man that urges him forever to depart from happiness and security, to toil, to place himself in danger, even to risk a reasonable certainty of death? It dawned upon me up there in the moon as a thing I ought always to have known, that man is not made simply to go about being safe and comfortable and well fed and amused. Against his interest, against his happiness he is constantly being driven to do unreasonable things. Some force not himself impels him and go he must
- H.G. Wells, The First Men in the Moon

Is it just me or has there been an surge of Moon-centric offerings of late? 50 years ago, on July 20th, man took his first steps on the moon, and perhaps swept up in the nostalgia, artists, film makers and designers have taken to capturing and recreating the wonder and anticipation in the air of that era.  
With that in mind we present the latest collection from Levi's Vintage Clothing!
On this, young Ben from P&P has written:
"In a turbulent time in history this is the wardrobe of the dreamers, the fantasists who dared to looked skyward and beyond. Wide cut pants in both light and heavy tones and materials. Nostalgic t-shirts, track tops and sportswear also highlight the collection, from the first generation of youths who were choosing their own wardrobe rather than wearing the clothes their parents forced them to. And we can be thankful, at least, for that." 
Read the rest of his wonderful article which really sets the scene for the collection here, and shop the new LVC pieces here.

We are also very excited to announce our Flash Sale, a collection of one off, last chance, rare pieces from the depths of our archive from the likes of Nigel Cabourn, Stevenson Overall Co. and more. We're offering these incredible items at extremely reduced prices, the motivation of which is vaguely KonMari inspired, in the hope that these pieces spark a little joy in one of your wardrobes. 
The sale will be offered online, through our instagram stories, and as always in store from 12pm on Saturday the 23rd, so please mark your calendars and get in quick smart.

A soft reminder once more to take advantage of sale, the prices of which will only be available for one more week. We have added a few more beautiful items to our sale collection, so please visit us in store or browse our online space for the full collection.

with dreams of the distant, awe-inspiring moon,
H+H x