C O M M U N I T Y : Frankie Hopkins

11 Jan 2019
C O M M U N I T Y : Frankie Hopkins
11 Jan 2019 We met Frankie when she visited us to borrow some pieces for a shoot she was styling. Little did we know, this extremely talented young lady's inte...

We met Frankie when she visited us to borrow some pieces for a shoot she was styling. Little did we know, this extremely talented young lady's intention was to shoot an editorial for a magazine she put together herself. New Adult is a quarterly magazine complied with the intention of exploring what it means to be an adult, when you really don't feel like one - a concept we can all closely relate to!
In her editorial entitled The Female Borrower Bird, which you can see throughout this article, she explores the concept of biomimicry with an examination of the way in which nature systems inform human design. Our beautiful Leno Chinos in Khaki are featured in this series.

It's so interesting and wonderful seeing our clothing put together through a different lens. The whole intention behind this interview series is to explore the concepts of dressing and clothing so that through our differences we are able to find moments of recognition and relatability.

In Frankie's own words "We all seem to be in the same boat so take a paddle and read on."

Tell us about your background and the things that have led you to work in the field that you do?
I grew up in Perth WA and moved to Melbourne at the start of 2018 to study design. I’ve always been interested in making stuff and I think my parents placing parameters on TV watching as a kid had a lot to do with that. I think boredom leads to creativity and when my younger sister and I had nothing to do we started sewing, making videos and eventually I started selling the pencil cases I was making under the brand Quite Frankly. As I got older I became more interested in graphic design and styling and decided to pursue that interest through study.

What are some objects, quotes, films, places or books that hold significance to you?
"He was searching consciously or unconsciously for himself, he was in a fresh state of transformation." (Patti Smith, Just Kids)
[This quote] I think more than anything, is about being young and that transformation from child to adult, which I am really interested in. My magazine New Adult is all about figuring out how to make your way through that transition and the knowledge that can be gained from others and experience. For me it’s a really interesting subject because I feel like I am in the middle of it, as are the majority of people around me. 

How old were you when you became conscious of the way you clothed and presented yourself, and what did that look like?
I can’t remember the exact moment, but there are definitely patterns of behaviour that have been repeated over the years. That being, me wearing the same item of clothing non-stop until decay or disappearance (mum throwing them out.) It started with Saddle Club pony pants when I was about five and is currently continuing with these Lee lightly pinstriped black trousers I picked up at a Salvos two years ago. 

How does your clothing change from work to play?
I don’t really think it does that much, and that is one of the things I love about Melbourne. I feel like here there is less judgment around how people present themselves, and more pride in self-expression. Coming from Perth where Kookai bikinis are the standard for a night on the town, I love that I can wear pants on a night out and not feel odd.


Are there any routines, rules or rituals you have around dressing?
In terms of rules, I try to limit how long I give myself to get dressed in the morning because I know the more time I give myself the more I will stress out and the longer I will take. 

Describe your style as a scent, flavour or colour?
Hmmm. Maybe navy? I wear a lot of navy. 

What is your relationship with shopping and buying clothing, and how has that changed over time?
I think it has definitely changed over time. Now I mainly buy clothes from op shops and second-hand markets. I find it’s a good way to avoid contributing to the fast fashion cycle and being a student it’s cheaper and more exciting when you find something you truly like. I’ve also been trying to buy pieces that will last, so I’ve stopped buying into trends.

Do you have any style icons or muses?
I do, but they change all the time. There are always the randoms on Instagram with cool style, but I’ve found that I’m usually more attracted to someone’s style if they are also doing interesting things. I love Annabel Liddell’s style @annabelliddell, she is the lead singer of punk rock band Miss June and studying medicine full time. I also love Karley Sciortino’s style @karleyslutever, writer and creator of the series Slutever. How she chooses to clothe and present herself is really empowering to me. 

Model wears khaki chinos by Leno & Co.

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