B R A N D S : W'menswear by Lauren Yates

W’MENSWEAR was established in 2015 by Lauren Yates of Ponytail Journal, who is focused on “Designing garments for hard-hitting women, who find peace in nature, joy with challenge, and grace in femininity.”

Worker's Robe by W'menswear

The label is designed in the picturesque French countryside where Yates resides, and is produced in Thailand, her country of origin. One of her focuses is to highlight slow-made textiles and the communities in which they are created, encouraging a mindfulness for the clothes we are purchasing and wearing, and a deeper connection to the earth from which they come. 

This clothing is created with attention to the smallest of details, and subtle design elements with a focus on the highest quality fabrics and construction techniques producing one of a kind garments. Each collection is a nod to the mystery of Western workwear, while employing traditional eastern textile traditions and it is this juxtaposition that makes W’menswear a unique addition to Heffernan & Haire, while aligning with all our core values.

“In the long run, we hope to promote a heightened sense of mindfulness amongst out community of producers, retailers, and consumers in this respect. We use the word ‘goodness’ here to describe the connection that unites us, and the enormous beauty and fragility that is our shared experience on this planet. In the future, we envision special events like community clean ups, and learning modules to highlight the goodness of slow living in out ever-accelerating world”
Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Our in store collection is made up of tops, dresses, pants, scarves and outerwear.


Earlier W’menswear pieces marked R (regular) or T (tall) tend to fit quite small, with R fitting approximately an Australian size 6-8, and T fitting approximately an Australian size 8-10. The later pieces sized 8, 10 and 12 fit true to Australian sizing.