The Time Has Come - Pickings and Parry is Now Online

Pickings and Parry, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia

It's been a long time coming, and long overdue, but we now have an updated site for your convenience and perusal.

Admittedly, it may start life today with only a handful of our product range barely visible and available for purchase, but we will endeavour to add more of our range each week, with better and better imagery and detail as we progress. Our aim is to reflect the same detail amongst our online presence as we display with pride in our bricks and mortar store.

As of today you will find a booking link for appointments with our Barbershop along with our opening hours, a list of available services and prices for each. Amongst our products you should see the majority of our available Nigel Cabourn, Merz b Schwanen and Stevenson Overall Collections, along with accessories from Tanner Goods and a footwear selection from Red Wing, Oak St Bootmakers and Wolverine 1000 Mile.

Time is not our friend at this festive time of year, but over the next week or few, we should see more of our favourite brands and products pop up on the store. Fantastic manufacturers and designers will appear on the site such as Knickerbocker MFG Co. NYC, Yuketen by Meg Company, Barbour, Buzz Rickson, Blue Blue Japan, Indigofera, Sugar Cane, Pike Brothers, Aero Leather Clothing, Stetson and the long enduring Filson of Seattle, USA.

As well as the new brand additions and improved imagery for our existing products, we are also working towards a comprehensive sizing guide and chart for each product, to help you better gauge your choices when it comes to fit. As always however, if in doubt, please drop us a line and ask. We tend to have a pretty good understanding of our products and should be able to advise over the phone or via email.

Anyway, enough of our rambling. Enjoy the site and stand by for further updates tomorrow!


The Pickings and Parry Team