Tanner Goods - Worth Holding On To

We're all aware of the gradual return to an appreciation for hand made, craft produced goods. The modern world of mass produced consumer goods and the throw-away society we live in today is what drives the discerning individual to seek out products that are a little different. For us it's what we're all about and, as we approach our third birthday, it's time to look at Portland's Tanner Goods and their operation out of Portland, Oregon USA. They were one of first brands in store and continue to sit strong amongst our product selection.

Tanner Goods Workroom. Portland, ORTanner Goods Workroom - Portland, OR

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2006 by Sam Huff and Matt Perusich, Tanner have been in the game for a decade now. As they continue to develop and expand their product range, distributing their goods world wide with great success, it's worth taking a look at how and why they started as well as the learning curve that defined their early attempts at working with leather as a medium.

Coming from a background in Industrial Design and dissatisfied with the type of product design they were seeing in their current environment, Sam and Matt began thinking about away to satisfy the creative urge with design and production that wasn't driven by trends, and valued longevity over obsolescence.

Sam Huff - Co-founder, Tanner GoodsSam Huff, Co-Founder, Tanner Goods

Inspired by a handmade camera strap inherited from Sam's Grandfather and by vintage postal carrier bags, they chose leather as the focus. According to Sam..."It just gets better as it ages. It tells a story and is just a material that looks great in twenty years, where as plastic looks shitty after five..." We're inclined to agree on that one.

The initial approach was, as you'd expect, that of an industrial designer rather than a leather craftsman, which created it's own challenges. The pair began with origami-like folds that were best suited to sheet metal, not a natural material like leather, but it was certainly a different approach and this garnered the attention of veteran saddle maker L.P Streifel who was excited to see what the guys were doing. He taught them a whole lot, and laughed at their mistakes along the way, but it certainly helped create a better end product, along with a deepened respect and understanding for the craft of leather working in general.

Tanner Goods, Worth Holding On ToTanner Goods, Worth Holding On To

Since the beginning, the team at Tanner has dedicated themselves to producing high quality products with a timeless aesthetic, that do the job they're supposed to and get better with age. From wallets to luggage, gloves, clothing, ceramics, furniture and various footwear collaborations, they continue to stand by this philosophy and keep coming up with 'the goods'. Their brand's strap line says it all... 'Worth Holding On To'... and they certainly are.

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