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One Ear Brand

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Fugue is a type of music that is composed of one melody and then interweaving additional melodies. There is a famous Bach piece called “Little Fugue” that sums this concept up nicely. Fugues for him at least seem very natural but structured. 

For Jonathan, this describes the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd Wright very well. Lloyd Wright’s studio in West Hollywood Los Angeles California is a visual treasure for me. Its incorporation of cactus in its landscape and of its architecture is very soothing. It feels very much like a Fugue, with the main theme being cactus and the interweaving of materials and utilisation of cactus forms. 

Jonathan tried to give this bandanna a main theme and interweaving themes that felt futuristic but also very architectural. Sort of like the structure of circuit boards. There are lots of themes intermixed throughout but the main theme of Lloyd Wright’s cactus latticework is the main point. I think this will look great mixed with any sort of style and look our customers can come up with. The intricate design will be sure to catch eyes and anyone familiar with Wright’s work may point out the similarities.  

They did something unique for the colour palette by combining a stucco greige and sage-like green with a charcoal stained grey.

70 x 70cm

Made in Japan

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