North Sea Clothing

North Sea Clothing began on London’s Portobello Road market. With a background selling vintage menswear, Neil Starr reinterpreted the classic Submariner when the originals started getting hard to find. Originally intended to be an exact copy, the N.S.C Submariner now features an improved modern fit, knitted and hand linked in Scotland using 100% British wool. The Original Submariner sweater was War Office issue to the British Royal Navy in both WW1 and WW2, and was used by the North Atlantic convoys to keep out the bitter chill.

Neil's vintage archive of cold weather gear still provides inspiration for N.S.C designs today. As demand has grown, the range has expanded to include various knits, technical outerwear, shoes and accessories. N.S.C. has adapted vintage styles to fit modern day use while maintaining the same hard wearing utilitarian quality as the originals. Still made from 100% British wool or cotton N.S.C products are designed to last. The original and the best.